Local Area Network (LAN)

A Local Area Network (LAN) is the physical network that connects devices within your organisation. LANs can be wired or wireless, and can be in one or several locations.




What is a LAN & how does it work?

The LAN is the local physical network you connect your devices to. This can be wired or wireless and can encompass single or multiple locations.

LANs are most commonly used in single area locations such as an office, warehouse, or school building. With larger organisations, local area networks can be spread across multiple buildings such as in a university campus or in office parks.

Whether your organisation is in one location with a handful of users or has thousands of connected devices across several locations, NXTGen has solutions to cover all these environments and more.

NXTGen LAN Design and Full Network Builds

NXTGen consultants will build a bespoke design based on your current and future business tools and process requirements. A poorly designed LAN can have adverse effects on the performance of your applications and devices.

Underlying infrastructure such as the data cabling and switching is often overlooked but are key in keeping you connected to your customers, and therefore should be treated as a critical piece of the jigsaw while remaining transparent to your users.

NXTGen can review the current build and performance of your network, and suggest ways to improve its reliability and performance.

NXTGen Managed Network Services

NXTGen provides managed network services that proactively monitor the network and can diagnose and repair issues before you know about them. 

Our team is adept at tracking faulty or badly configured components in a network and remediating it quickly and to a high standard. NXTGen can monitor the capacity of the network and offer solutions for increasing that capacity before it becomes a problem. 

With a high percentage of data leaks and breaches originating from inside local networks, NXTGen can advise on the best practices to help protect your LAN from internal threats.

Whether you are looking at fault finding or capacity improvements, to full network builds NXTGen will provide a solution that ensures optimum security, performance, and reliability.

LAN Design, Support & Maintenance: The NXTGen Advantage

  • Before implementing any solution, NXTGen always takes the time to understand how your business works and what you need from a network solution. 

  • NXTGen cabling teams deliver high quality, certified copper and fibre networks from small offices to data centre infrastructure. We work with Openreach to assist in the installation of Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) and Leased line circuits where they need local knowledge and familiarity of the buildings and surrounding areas. 

  • NXTGen specialises in warehousing and distribution centre network infrastructure. Fault finding in copper and fibre networks can be a difficult task without the right tools for the job which is why all NXTGen engineers are competent in using industry-recommended test equipment to trace issues quickly.

  • NXTGen is a vendor-agnostic network solutions provider and works with many well-known network hardware manufacturers such as Cisco, HP/Aruba, FortiNet, Meraki, Draytek and Ubiquiti. 

  • All NXTGen team members are true techies at heart and have years of experience delivering high-performance secure networks across many sectors. All NXTGen solutions are scalable, supportable, and well documented. 

  • We have experience working at secure government facilities, as well as going aboard ships performing surveys, troubleshooting problems, and installing hardware solutions.

Our Accreditations

Our Accreditations

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