Network Monitoring

Without ongoing performance and availability monitoring, small changes in the network environment can have large-scale effects on performance and stability.




The Importance of Network Monitoring

For NXTGen, a network is only as good as the day it was installed. Without ongoing performance and availability monitoring, small changes in the network environment can have large scale effects on performance and stability. 

We are evangelical about network and infrastructure monitoring and believe you should be too. With cloud-based and IoT devices becoming more commonplace in networks, keeping an eye on traffic utilisation and service availability is critical to the end-user experience. 

Additionally, having a “heads up” to potential service-affecting events can mean the difference between outages of a few minutes to several hours or even days. How confident are you that your network and services are performing as they should be?

NXTGen Monitoring Solutions

NXTGen provides monitoring solutions covering simple router availability to AWS and Azure infrastructure monitoring. NXTGen solutions are readily available, with many features to make life a little easier such as:


  • Internal and External network performance monitoring
  • Hyper-V, VMWare, AWS and Azure monitoring
  • Microsoft 365 Service Status
  • Storage device monitoring including NetApp and Dell EMC
  • Trigger and Action functionality for interacting with devices automatically
  • Email, SMS, Voice, MS Teams, and Slack notifications
  • NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow and Syslog analysis
  • Custom SNMP v2 and v3 monitoring
  • MQTT IoT Messaging monitoring
  • Server monitoring (Windows and Linux)
  • Modbus TCP Integration

How NXTGen Can Help You

Remote monitoring solutions

NXTGen excels at providing monitoring solutions for remote and unattended locations using mobile and satellite services to report site availability and performance back to your IT teams. This is particularly useful for unattended data centre or POP locations and street cabinets.

NXTGen uses low power devices and our SD-WAN service to connect central monitoring probes to remote locations over fixed or mobile communication (including LoRaWAN where coverage allows) methods.

Analytics, reporting, and communications

Part of the delivery of a monitoring solution includes a bird’s eye view of your network or services in the form of a map custom-designed to fit your needs, as well as an alerting and communications plan. 

NXTGen’s reporting suite allows for the creation of custom reports to be generated and distributed on a scheduled basis to keep people informed on performance and availability over time. Keeping an eye on your network is easy with our desktop and mobile apps.  

We offer 24/7 monitoring where an engineer can contact your NOC/SOC or customer directly on receipt of an alert. Additionally, if you have a managed service contract, NXTGen can deal with the incident directly or provide all the information necessary for a third party to investigate.

Our Accreditations

Our Accreditations

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