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Safe & Advanced Networking Solutions to Support Your Business Operations

If you wish to support all the software-related requirements of your organisation, you are required to have a safe & sound hardware-based networking infrastructure. Installing a any new network can be an expensive investment. As such, our team carries out dedicated site survey for successful deployment of top-class networking hardware devices – including routers, switches, wireless access points and more. Through thoughtful designs, we aim at meeting state-of-the-art network technology. For more information on our dedicated range of networking hardware solutions, you can reach out to us now! 

Wireless Access Point Solutions from Ubiquiti

The exclusive UniFi family by Ubiquiti features an advanced range of Wi-Fi infrastructure devices –including both outdoor as well as indoor Wi-Fi access pointsalong with switches, security gateways, cameras and IP Phones. The unique range of UniFi devices by Ubiquiti can be installed across multiple networks. NXTGen Technology administer, configure and monitor the entire network from our hosted, resilient Cloud based control system. It helps us and you in simplifying the overall process of installation, discovery, management, analytics, and debugging.

This solution helps in providing a low-cost, end-to-end, extensible wireless and LAN management solution for environments that range from hotels to small offices, campuses and multi-site enterprise networks. 

Components of Our Advanced UniFi Network Solutions by Ubiquiti

Some of the major components of the revolutionary UniFi system range include:

  • Wave 2 Wireless Access Points
  • Top-performance managed switches
  • Security gateways for handling firewall and routing services

All the given components can be managed centrally using our UniFi Controller software solution. To know more about our consulting services, you can reach out to us now and get started with your speedy network.

How Can We Help?

We are capable of providing access to the expertise of experienced Wi-Fi consultants. Our team of seasoned consultants is capable of helping you determine the advanced benefits of the revolutionary UniFi. Our team also provides assistance with planning, installing, managing, and troubleshooting the the entire network. To top it all, we are also capable of carrying out an in-depth Wi-Fi surveys both pre and post installation enabling you to select, configure, and position UniFI Wi-Fi access points for maximum throughput and optimal coverage.

We have a team of certified data security consultants helping you with the configuration of the advanced security capabilities offered by UniFi. We are also capable of online management as well as backup services keeping downtown to minimum and identifying issues. 

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