WiFi Site Survey

A WiFi survey plays a crucial part in designing and maintaining a high-performing wireless network on your premises.

What is a WiFi Survey?

A WiFi survey is a procedure where an area is audited with the intent to improve an existing, or design a high-performing wireless network. During a WiFi site survey, we pinpoint where WiFi signals are at their strongest or weakest. This procedure will also indicate where access points are or should be located, as well as identify issues and potential causes of issues that might arise.

WiFi site surveys play a vital role when planning, installing, and maintaining an organisation’s wireless network.

Why is a WiFi Survey Important?

An essential part of designing and constructing a building is to ensure the quality of its foundation and having a clear blueprint of the number of floors, rooms, occupants, usage, etc before the actual construction begins. The same goes for wireless networks.

The report we provide our clients after conducting a WiFi site survey will show an analysis of their network’s current or anticipated performance concerning their organisation’s requirements and the physical characteristics of their premises.

Doing this survey will help you make informed decisions whether you are in the process of installing a new network or making changes to an existing one, saving you time and money.

Ekahau Wireless Design


We are proud to use Ekahau Wireless Design which provides the fastest, most reliable and up to date Wireless Surveying equipment and software available.

Types of WiFi Surveys

We conduct different types of surveys, depending on your needs. Regardless of type, the general factors we look into during a survey include the size of the premises, construction of the building, the areas where steady signal coverage is expected, the number of devices that will access the network, and any existing wireless infrastructure.


Onsite Design

Health Check


This is a virtual survey which relies on high-quality building plans to assess your network requirements. In tandem with the building plans and factoring in the floor and wall materials, we use WiFi survey software to build a virtual model of the site. This virtual model together with devices used, capacity, and other network requirements will help in determining the number of access points required as well as their optimal location.

 The main benefits of the predictive WiFi site survey are that it is quick and does not pose a disruption to your organisation’s daily activities.

Onsite Design

The predictive survey is as reliable as it is quick but if a more comprehensive survey is required for a site, we offer our clients the onsite survey option. Also referred to as the pre-deployment onsite WiFi survey, this is conducted on the premises by our engineers. Using software and equipment to take precise measurements of the area, determine signal strengths, and factor in impediments such as mounting restrictions and sources of interference, we can have an accurate picture of the site and the client’s requirements before the wireless network is deployed.

Health Check

A health check or fault-finding survey is done in sites where an existing wireless network is already in place. This type of WiFi survey is a proactive step done by organisations and businesses to ensure that their networks are working as they should. As the name implies, a network’s performance is evaluated and issues are identified before such issues cause business or operational disruptions. The health check WiFi survey is also performed onsite by our engineers and is recommended to be performed regularly.

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  • Get a no obligation quote – Call, email or complete the enquiry form. We will be in touch with you within 2 working days.
  • Book an appointment – Once a date has been agreed, one of our expert assessors will be assigned to attend your property on the said date.
  • Attend site – Our assessor will be onsite on the agreed date and time. The agreed survey will be conducted with minimum disruption to your business activities.
  • Report sent to client – A validated, comprehensive, suitable, and sufficient report will be completed and distributed within five working days.

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