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NXTGen offers comprehensive survey, design and installation solutions to ensure you get the best performance from your wireless networks.




Wireless networks – Support, Design and Surveying

With the transition to more mobile orientated communication methods such as Microsoft Teams and other Hosted UC offerings, wireless connectivity has become a critical part of an organisations network infrastructure and is often seen as synonymous with the internet connection itself.

People are often heard complaining that the internet is slow. Nine times out of ten it is most likely not the internet connection at fault, but poorly designed or installed wireless access points being the source of peoples’ frustration. Location is a huge factor in the performance of wireless networks, but orientation, power, and channel management are also key factors of a well-designed and managed network.

Another area often neglected in wireless design is the usage of the network. Internet browsing and email for the most part are very relaxed when it comes to wireless performance requirements, but voice and video applications are very sensitive to latency, changes in bandwidth and roaming between access points. With video calls becoming the norm and hotdesking a popular option for office layouts, many organisations are leaning towards wireless as the primary connectivity source in offices and homes and this becomes a problem when a high demand for bandwidth and airtime occur.

NXTGen believes the key to a high-performance network is in the initial design of the solution. It is simply not enough to install access points where you think coverage is required without taking into consideration high-density areas and other external factors that could contribute to interference and other wireless networks in the area. NXTGen offers comprehensive surveys and design packages to ensure you get the best performance from your wireless networks. 

NXTGen’s extended performance testing solution provides an insight into the performance of the network over a period of time, this can help to identify trends and changes in the RF landscape and highlight issues with the wireless network. NXTGen can provide this as a temporary or permanent solution depending on your requirements and involves installing a device on your network that periodically scans the network and performs tests that are sent back to our platform for analysis.

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